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What is Serine?

  Serine is a conditionally essential amino acid. In other words, humans can synthesize serine under normal nutritional conditions and do not normally need to consume most (MORE)

What does serinate means?

Perhaps you mean "serenade" a piece of music sung or played in the  open air, typically by a man at night under the window of his  lover.
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What are serine proteases?

What is it:   Serine Proteases (SP) are a class of enzymes that cut peptide bonds in proteins. They are involved with basic functions, such as food digestion, and inflamat (MORE)

Is serinity now legal to smoke?

Serenity now is legal to do whatever you want with, but it is labeled "not for human consumption". In Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, the herbal blend has been crimi (MORE)
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Is serine hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

It's hydrophilic, due to the hydroxyl functional group in the R group. Though the R group also contains a hydrocarbon group, the hydroxyl group is outermost and thus determine (MORE)
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What is D-Serine used for?

D-Serine is an amino acid that a huge component formation of memories. It also offers a huge boost cognitive performance as well as memory. D-Serine is a must to add to any cu (MORE)