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What is parietal serosa?

Parietal serous membranes line cavities of the body. The Parietalserosa lines a specific portion of the interior cavity in the body.
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What type of epithelial tissue is serosa?

Tunica serosa is the outermost covering of thedigestive tube. In most of the digestive tract (stomach andintestines) it consists of a thin layer of loose connective tissuecov ( Full Answer )
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What is serosa in physiology?

It's basically a layer or layers of tissue covering most of thebody's "canals" like the stomach, intestine, blood vessels, etc.Some serosa secrete mucus-like substances like i ( Full Answer )
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Briefly explain the difference between an adventitia and a serosa?

well, peritoneal structures like the bowel {i.e. located within the peritoneal cavity} are covered by serosa, a mesothelium type of cells. other organs {i.e. retroperitoneal ( Full Answer )
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Where is serosa present in the body?

Serous membrane is present in the lining of a few body cavities, secreting serous fluid in order to reduce friction caused by movement in the muscles.