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Is it preformed a service or performed a service?

It's performed a service. Perform is to carry out or execute, such as performing a mirace, or service! Preform is to determine or decide beforehand, such as preform an opinion (MORE)

Is service to man service to God?

Everyday, we find one class of people who are rich, with palatial bungalows with a number of luxurious cars, servants, etc., while on the other hand, crores of people living i (MORE)

What are constituent services?

Constituent services are services a member of Congress provides for  their constituents. The services can include help with immigration,  Social Security, military academy a (MORE)

What are the services provided by postal service?

In the United States, the Post Office provides door-to-door delivery service for most non-dangerous items - this was basically the forerunner to companies like FedEx and UPS. (MORE)

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What is the abbreviation for service?

The abbreviation for Service is "svc" and sometimes when documenting notes for health insurance it is used as "ser".
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What is service triangle in service marketing?

Service marketing involves 3 types of marketing: 1. EXTERNAL MARKETING 2. INTERNAL MARKETING 3. INTERACTIVE MARKETING 1. External Marketing : "Setting the Promise" (MORE)
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What services are offered by Sprint Service?

Some of the services offered by Sprint include the following: messaging, connected tablets, entertainment, exclusive applications, and Sprint Direct Connect.
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