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What is service?

service is when sombody or something does somthing willingly or forced to do somthing for you.
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What services are offered by Sprint Service?

Some of the services offered by Sprint include the following: messaging, connected tablets, entertainment, exclusive applications, and Sprint Direct Connect.
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What services does HomeEq Servicing provide?

HomEq Servicing provides mortgage services in the United States of America. In May 2010, the company was purchased by Ocwen Loan Servicing for $1.3 billion.
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What services does Audi Services offer?

Audi is a car company, that naturally provides service on the cars the company manufactures. Services offered include, but are not limited to: Insurance extensions, repairs, s (MORE)

What are the services provided by postal service?

In the United States, the Post Office provides door-to-door delivery service for most non-dangerous items - this was basically the forerunner to companies like FedEx and UPS. (MORE)