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What is a serving?

One serving of grain is one slice of bread.. One serving of cheese is one ounce...a stick, cup (8 oz.) or one-inch cube.. A serving of meat is about 3-4 ounces, fish, howeve (MORE)

What are servings?

A helping of food or drinking. We normally translate servings as a portion for food and as a dose for drinking.

What is serve?

The serve is an understand shot. The recquet head must be below the level of the sever's hand while the shuttle is hit below waist level.. It is especially important to follo (MORE)
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What is a serve?

In tennis, a serve is when the player with the ball hits the ball into the opposite square from which they are standing in on the other side of the court. Example: Standing on (MORE)
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What is a lobster serving?

If it is just a lobster, it's generally one to a customer. If the lobster is an ingredient you could go as low as a couple of ounces depending on the recipe.