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What are JAD sessions?

Joint Application Design (JAD) is a process used in the prototyping phase of the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) to collect business requirements while developing ne (MORE)

What is just a minute session?

It is also called as JAM session, in which a person need to choose a topic of his own or a judge will provide the topic name, and need to speak something about that topic for (MORE)

What is the significance of Lahore session 1929?

the lahore session was of great in the indian national movement for was in this session that purna swaraj was declared as india's goal.....the leaders aimed fo (MORE)

How do you know if Congress is in Session?

  When the Senate meets in the north wing of the Capitol and the House of Representatives meets in the south wing, Also if a flag flies over each wing of the Capitol when (MORE)

What is a special session?

A special session is a period when the body convenes outside of the normal legislative session.    An extraordinary or special session refers to a period when  legisla (MORE)

What are duties of a musician?

  The duties of a musician--- To be trained in their field, , to have and know what songs or music they will need to use for a particular singer. To arrange a piece of mus (MORE)

A group of musicians?

this answer would have to be A BAND
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Is the senate always in session?

Use common sense with this question, does someone's dad always work 24/7? And if you didnt get that hint, the answer is no.
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