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What is a sestet?

A stanza with six lines, better known as the last six lines of an Italian sonnet.
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What is an example of a sestet?

A sestet is the second part in an Italian sonnet that is six lines  long. An example of a sestet in the sonnet "Soleasi Nel Mio Cor" by  Petrarch starts with the line "They (MORE)

What is true about shakespeareans sonnets do they have to two section one with eight lines called octave and one with six lines called the sestet?

  The eight line octave followed by a six line sestet is usually characteristic of a Petrarchan Sonnet. The Shakespearean sonnet is nearly always organised as four quatrai (MORE)
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What was the relationship of the sestet and the octave in a petrarchan sonnet?

  In a standard Petrarchan sonnet the first eight lines form the octave - typically riming ABBAABBA. The next six lines form the sestet. There is more freedom of riming in (MORE)

Why does a sonnet need a sestet?

The division into Octave and Sestet mainly applies to Petrarchan sonnets. In a Shakespearean sonnet the sestet is less important (sometimes not important at all). The Petrac (MORE)