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What is an example of a sestet?

A sestet is the second part in an Italian sonnet that is six lineslong. An example of a sestet in the sonnet "Soleasi Nel Mio Cor" byPetrarch starts with the line "They weep w (MORE)
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What was the relationship of the sestet and the octave in a petrarchan sonnet?

In a standard Petrarchan sonnet the first eight lines form the octave - typically riming ABBAABBA. The next six lines form the sestet. There is more freedom of riming in the s (MORE)

A sestet has how many lines?

assuming you are writing a Shakespearian sonnet, the sestet has 6 lines. think of it like this: sestet, ses, seis seis is 6 in spanish, thats how i remember it
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Why does a sonnet need a sestet?

The division into Octave and Sestet mainly applies to Petrarchan sonnets. In a Shakespearean sonnet the sestet is less important (sometimes not important at all). The Petra (MORE)