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Can set top boxes be purchased rather than renting them?

If you mean a 'free-view' box - then yes ! Currys, ASDA, Tesco, Argos & Sainsbury's (to name a few) ALL sell free-view boxes. HOWEVER - if you're talking about a cable box - t (MORE)

Can you buy your own Verizon fios set top box so you don't have to rent from them every month?

Yes. I spoke with a rep at verizon this evening in regards to this very question. I do not believe they have a STB for sale, however, you can purchase your own box (best buy, (MORE)

Do you need a set top box for basic cable service?

Need For Set-up Box   It really depends on your cable company and whether or not they've completely changed over to a digital signal yet. In that case, your TV would ha (MORE)

How do you connect two tv sets in set top box?

This depends on the type pf set top box. Some have more than one HDMI output. Others have a single HDMI output and perhaps a composite video output as well. If that is the cas (MORE)

I can not get TV signals. Will a set top box give you better TV reception?

  Well, there's a few things to say here:   1. Check if it's the line, it might just be the cable.   2. Check with your television provider, they'll probably be happ (MORE)

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