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Which was your biggest setback?

There are a number of things that a person may describe as beingtheir biggest setback. They may describe their constant tardinessas a setback for example.

What was your biggest setback?

A prospective employer asks about your biggest setback to exposehow a candidate passes obstacles. The answer should receive aresponse that shows you facing a setback then push (MORE)

What is a setback?

A setback is something that is bad and it comes to a person, for ex. Sara had just lost her parents now that's a setback.

What were Cleopatra's setbacks?

Cleopatra had many setbacks and she managed to overcome most of them, even if they were caused by her own selfishness. The last setback was the killer though, as it culminated (MORE)

Why it is important to be resilient when experiencing setbacks?

It's important to be resilient when you experience setbacks to ensure the task in hand is completed. I have a to-do list which I constantly refer to, to ensure i'm on the righ (MORE)

What is a front wheel setback?

Set back is when one front wheel is set further back than the other. With alignment equipment that measures toe by using only the front instruments, any setback will cause an (MORE)