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How do you get from Phoenix to chandler?

  Drive 12 miles due East, then 12 miles due South, then 3 miles due East ... that will be Chandler city center.
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Who is seth guy?

Seth Guy is a sonic and visual artist based in London, UK. The previous answer was entirely subjective, slanderous and cowardly.
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What did Seth do?

Seth. Son of Adam and Eve, born in the 130th year of Adam's life in mortality (Luke 3:38; Moses 6:1-3; 6:9-11). A prophet and patriarch, he was ordained by Adam at the age of (MORE)

What does a chandler mean?

  a candle maker!         chan·dler      [chand-ler, chahnd-] Show IPA-noun1.a person who makes or sells candles and sometimes other items of tall (MORE)

Who has Chandler dated?

Chandler did not have many major relationships. He married his best friend, Monica. Earlier he had a notable relationship with Joey's former girlfriend, Kathy. Also he had a o (MORE)

What happened to seth?

What do you mean -- "What happened to him?". The Bible clearly says that he lived nine hundred and some odd years and then he died. It says who his descendents were and indeed (MORE)