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Do you set a precedent or set a precedence?

Speaking in a grammatical sense, one sets a precedent, not a  precedence.   Precedent in law refers to a legal decision that serves as a rule  or pattern in future cases (MORE)

Does the moon set where the sun sets?

So far as rising in the East and setting in West, yes. Otherwise, kinda. The Moon's orbit is inclined to the ecliptic from about 5.0° to 5.3°. So it will rise and set ne (MORE)

How do you set wet set clay?

If it's the same as the Crayola brand we have: soak it in cold water tor 4-10 hours, then rinse it with soapy water when removing it (apparently it gets oily while being soake (MORE)
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What is a joint sets and disjoint sets?

Joint sets:Joint sets are those which have common elements Disjoint sets : A pair of sets is said to be disjoint if their intersection is the empty set. That is to say, if t (MORE)

Are equivalent sets equal sets why?

No, because equivalent sets are sets that have the SAME cardinality but equal sets are sets that all their elements are precisely the SAME. example: A={a,b,c} and B={1,2,3} (MORE)

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What is a set?

listing the members or describing the members A set is said to be finite when all its members can be listed. A set is a collection of elements usually of the same kind. Each s (MORE)
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What are intersection sets and union sets?

Sets contain elements. The intersection of sets (represented by an upside-down 'U') is the list of elements that are common in both sets. The union of sets (represented by 'U' (MORE)

What is setting?

The place in which the events of a work of literaturehappen. . The time in which a work of literature takes place. . The social context in which the characters in a work ofl (MORE)
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Why empty set is a set?

The concept of closure: If A and B are sets the intersection of sets is a set.     Then if the intersection of two sets is a set and that set could be empty but still a (MORE)