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What is a set?

A set is a collection of elements usually of the same kind. Eachset can be denoted by a capital letter. A set may be defined bylisting the members or describing the members. A (MORE)

What is setting?

The place in which the events of a work of literaturehappen. . The time in which a work of literature takes place. . The social context in which the characters in a work ofl (MORE)

Where is IT set?

It takes place in the fictional town of Derry, Maine. This is the same town where almost all of King's books take place.
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Why does setting set the mood of a story?

Setting is where and when the story takes place. It can help setthe mood by either reinforcing the emotion of the characters (suchas setting a scary story in a spooky place) o (MORE)

Do you set a precedent or set a precedence?

Speaking in a grammatical sense, one sets a precedent, not aprecedence. Precedent in law refers to a legal decision that serves as a ruleor pattern in future cases. Example: T (MORE)

What is the set?

A collection of distinct entities regarded as a unit, being either individually specified or (more usually) satisfying specified conditions.
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What is the sets?

A set is simply a collection. It can be a collection of things orconcepts - anything at all. Often the elements of a set have someproperty or characteristic in common but that (MORE)
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What is Set on you?

Set on you can mean "chosen you" for a particular purpose, or "inlove with you and there can be no other". Examples: Deanie Etceterawrote to her beloved, Mitch Longley, and to (MORE)