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What is a settlement?

A settlement (given the category of the question) - is paying offthe whole outstanding balance of a loan, overdraft or credit card.
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What is a injury settlement?

An injury settlement is when a person pays another person moneybecause they caused injury to them. This is done to avoid a long,drawn out trial in the court system where the j ( Full Answer )
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What were settlement houses?

most famous was the Hull House. workers and immigrants lived here for cheap. the ultimate goal of settlement houses was to remedy poverty.
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What is settlement?

the buildings, services and people associated with the settingup of a colony. In legal terminology, a settlement is an agreement to end a lawsuitinstead of going to trial.
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What was the peace settlement?

Well,because this site is a piece of sh*t, they wont give me the f*cking answer! WikiAnswers and WikiPedia is a pile of horse sh*t! Your better off checking on Google. Hope th ( Full Answer )
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What was the settlement of Nevada?

the early settlement of Nevada where the E uropans, M ormans, H ispanics, M exican Americans, native A mericans, and C hinese. incorrect . I agree with the person who pu ( Full Answer )
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What s a settlement?

A settlement is when you decide to not go to trial & to settle for money instead. It's possible they could lose more if they go to trial. So they offer you money,.... ( Full Answer )
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What is isolated settlement?

Isolated:you sre at a place you don't want to be ANSWER: An isolated settlement is one that is cut off from other civilization, trade routes, or outside help.
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What was the main settlement?

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