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How do you setup wifi?

ANSWERS: A) GO BUY IT ON E-BAY OR SOMETHING... B) You need a Wi-fi box - read the simple Intrutions that follow - If you some how have Wi-fi and Lost the instrutions here ( Full Answer )
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What is the setup for volleyball?

There isn't really a set up bu there are different rotations such as 5-1 or 6-2 that you can run!:)
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How do you setup your iPhone?

If you have iOS5 which is out today you can slide the Setup as New iPhone slider and it is automatically setup. For earlier versions you need iTunes and a Computer. The questi ( Full Answer )
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What is table setup?

a table setup is when the kitchen table has been laid, sometimes fancily, for dinner or for another meal. In other the words, the table has been set with plates, utensils, cup ( Full Answer )
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How do you setup an aquarium?

First you get a tank. Then you add washed gravel to the tank and add any decorations. Put in the filter and heater (if you want a tropical aquarium. if not then just the filte ( Full Answer )
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What is setup?

the process of making something (such as a machine or computer program) ready to be used. : the way that something is done or organized