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What are the Gandhi seven deadly sins?

  * Politics without principle.  * Commerce without morality.  * Science without humanity.  * Knowledge without character.  * Wealth without work.  * Pleasure without (MORE)

How do the characters from An Inspector Calls compare to the Seven Deadly Sins?

All of the characters represent at least one of the deadly sins, some representing more than one. Mr Birling represents greed because he sacked one of his employees, Eva Smith (MORE)

What is a description of the seven deadly sins?

The Seven deadly sins are as follows:   1. Lust - Sexual acts outside of marriage.   2. Greed - Want of Everything, Whether You Can Have It Or Not   3. Sloth - Lazy (MORE)

How many deadly sins are there?

1.slackin 2.pride 3.stubborness that i was reading the other day was not following the commandments,not keeping at hand,heart. 5.ignorance 6.arrogance 7.wrath
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Why is pride one of the 7 deadly sins?

  Because it originated in Heaven, when lucifer who was blessed with the pipes of music, thought that he was so good at what he did in serving God by way of music fooled h (MORE)

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Compare Seven deadly sins and the ten commandments?

Catholic Answer The seven deadly sins are a catechetical formulation of the Church in the early centuries, the Ten Commandments were given by God directly and recorded in the (MORE)

Which of the following is not one of the seven deadly sins A hubristic pride B greed C lust D malicious envy E ignorance in being uneducated F gluttony G wrath H sloth or laziness?

The 7 deadly sins are  hubristic pride,  greed,  lust,  malicious envy,  gluttony,  wrath, and  sloth or laziness. Being uneducated or ignorant is not a sin,  b (MORE)

How Does Psychology Interpret Seven Deadly Sins?

About the 7 deadly sins: First there is not written in all of our Fathers word any mention of 7 deadly sins. To understand sin you must understand that flesh is a temporary bo (MORE)