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What are the chords in brahms intermezzo 2 opus 118?

  Too many to name. A romantic composer like Brahms doesn't write in block chords as in a pop song or a folk song - the piece is made up of complex harmonies and these har (MORE)

Where were the us seventh fleet in the pacific in World War 2?

The 7th Fleet operated in the zone known as the Southwest Pacific Area (SoWesPac), which was under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. The area encompassed Australia, Ne (MORE)
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What is 2 fifths plus 3 sevenths?

29/35 This is because 2 fifths equals 14/35 because, plust 3/7 which equals 15/35 so 14+15 is 29
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How many two sevenths are in 2?

  There are two ways to answer this, both with the same result.   1st) two sevenths is 2/7 and any time you want to find out how much of something is in another you div (MORE)
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What are chords?

A chord is formed when multiple pitches (notes on a musical instrument) are placed together on a staff (a sheet of music). Chords come in a lot of different varieties, includi (MORE)

Can you pass seventh grade with 2 Fs 2 Ds and 2 As?

It depends on the rest of your grades. To figure this out you can  figure your GPA. Each grade is given points. An A is 4 points, B is  3, C is 2, D is 1, and a F is 0. Add (MORE)