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What rhymes with seventy?

Nothing. There are plenty of words ending in "-ty,", but they are not really rhymes. Because of the accent on the first syllable, you would need a three-syllable rhyme--"-even (MORE)

Is there life after seventy?

  Very much so! God may give us 'three score years and ten' but he also gives us the time we have to make the most of life. Jesus said 'I come to give you life and life in (MORE)
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What is seventy five?

Seventy five is 75, a numerical value written in words. seventy five is a giant poop 75 feet long that came out of a special person named... Patrick Rickerson. It was truley a (MORE)

How do you spell seventy?

Exactly the way you did when you asked the question. Well done, you got it right.
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What is the seventy or seventy two disciples?

I think you are referring to the Septuagint. 99% of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, some in Aramaic but for the most part Hebrew. In about 150 BC, 72 scholars transla (MORE)
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Is seventy a noun?

The number seventy can be a noun, or a pronoun. But it is often an  adjective referring to a number of objects, things, or concepts.
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