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What is severance?

Severance is a sum of money that is given out by certain companies or employers after an employee is laid off. It is not required, but exists in a number of packages when an e (MORE)

How do you explain sever?

A sever, is basically like a brain. its a linked up network that allows us to store information. for exaple a brain has nerves in it and can sotre and transport information. s (MORE)

How are potatoes severed?

It depend. You can have them as backed potatoes, mashed, diced, frencfries, or even chips. Really just cook them, or cook them and season them with salt pepper herbs etc.
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How do you get severs disease?

just growing and being active can cause severs disease. I had severs disease and i wore inserts in my shoes and stopped doing gymnastics for a little bit. I also wore a cast a (MORE)

What is the severity of a tornado?

The itensity of tornadoes is rated on the Enhanced Fujita scale,which uses the severity of damage that a tornado causes to providean intensity rating and wind speed estimate. (MORE)

Where can you get a severance package?

Whether or not you receive a severance package is entirely up to your employer and /or the company you work for's policies. No one is forced to give out severance, it is consi (MORE)