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What is catalyst severity?

A catalyst is something which speeds up a chemical reaction without itself being one of the reactants or products (in other words, without being consumed). Magnesium (MORE)
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What is severance?

Severance is a sum of money that is given out by certain companies or employers after an employee is laid off. It is not required, but exists in a number of packages when an e (MORE)

What can you do for sever acne?

There is a fairly new type of drug called roaccutane which when first used was known as 'the miracle drug!' you take it for a 4 or 6 month course and you get less and less bre (MORE)

What is dns sever?

Without the DNS server you would have to know the IP address of every computer you are communicating with. DNS exists to resolve the names of computers to IP addresses. It als (MORE)

What is a severed artery?

Blood squirt ( blood spurt , blood spray , blood gush , or blood jet ) is the effect when an artery, a blood vessel in the human body (or other organism's body), is cut. B (MORE)

What are severe disabilities?

A "severe" disability is one that has a huge impact on how someone gets by day to day. This could be through a physical disability, a mental impairment or an acute illness. Wh (MORE)