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How is sewage purified?

Answer . Sewage purification in natural way: Sewage is purified by microorganisms present in sewage in an environmentally favourable condition to them. Microorganisms pu (MORE)
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What is human sewage?

Byproducts of human waste that's usually discarded and collected bythe local water department to avoid possible contamination ofdrinking water. Normally, sewage waste is sent (MORE)
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What is sewage poisoning?

Sewage poisoning, also known as hydrogen sulfide gas, is the resultof bacterial breakdown of organic waste, from humans or animals.
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Is sewage a utility?

Sewage is a waste product carried by sewers.. Sewers are the pipes used to carry sewage.. Sewerage is the provision of the facility to remove sewage.. Sewerage is the utili (MORE)
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What is a sewage?

a place were they keep disgusting waste water. it is also known as a liquid waste which can be found in gutters
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How is sewage treated?

Domestic sewage from washrooms and toilets is taken to sewage treatment facilities which can range in size and complexity from septic tanks to tertiary treatment systems. T (MORE)
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How does sewage polute?

It can leak and go into bodies of water which can lead to animals eating it or choking on it.
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How is sewage dangerous?

Sewage is dirty and not clean. Sewage is full of dirty water, people's "privacy" and much much more. Sewage travels through pipes and it flows to a certain place. That certain (MORE)
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What is the purpose of sewage?

Sewage is the left over products from waste. There is no purposeother than it needs sot be disposed of in a safe environment.
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What is the excreta and sewage?

Excreta = any form of waste matter expelled from the body e.g. sweat, urine and feces. In cellular level it can be a chemical byproduct. In insects they are called 'fecula' an (MORE)