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What is sewage treatment?

Answer . A process for the purification of mixtures of human and other domestic wastes; the process can be aerobic or anaerobic or both (facultative).

What is sewage system?

A sewage system is the method used to get rid of household toilet waste. Many homes are drained out to the main sewer pipe under the streets, then pumped to local sewage and p (MORE)

What is sewage sludge?

Sewage sludge is the solids that are left over at the end of the sewage treatment process. The products of sewage treatment are: clean water which is released to the environme (MORE)

How does sewage smell?

Sewage smells like sewage it stinks Answer: At the sewage plant sewage has a wet heavy odour like animal waste it i not entirly unpleasant and is easily acclimatized to, (MORE)

How is sewage cleaned?

In short, it is pumped through a number of settling tanks and aerobicised. Microbes consume much of the waste and cleaner water emerges, suitable for agriculture and industria (MORE)

What is sewage and how is it treated?

Sewage is liquid waste from households and retail areas that contains sanitary waste (Feces and urine), soaps, food scraps, water, cooking wastes etc. It is gathered and pip (MORE)