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Who died in a sewer?

Bog the builder Lots of deaths have been known from inside man holes to septic tanks and the most common killer of these deaths are poisonous gases which are impossible to det (MORE)
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Why is the sewer round?

To allow for better scouring action as compared to square although there are rectangular storm / sanitary sewers main trunks
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What are sewer lice?

sewer lice are not real there just a teacher trick .all they are raisins is in mountain dew .they bob up and down and move and the teachers think we think there real

Where is jail house sewers RuneScape?

In the free world in RuneScape, there is a sewer system that can be accessed just to the east of Draynor Village. It is in an area of the jail, and so if you are a lower level (MORE)
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What are drains and sewers?

A drain flowing into a sewer either combination or sanitary or storm depending on what type of drain is being used such as storm drains or waste and this does not include Soil (MORE)

Smelling sewer from floor drains?

Floor drains that do not have water flow through them will go dry and sewer gas will leak out of them because the trap makes a seal and stops air from flowing out of the floor (MORE)
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What is a sewer lice?

Sewer lice is A prank of what teachers made they put rasins in montoun dew and the carbonation of the soft drink makes the raisins move around and towards the end of class the (MORE)
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What are sewers made out of?

Depending on what kind of sewer, its age, and the utility owner (Storm Sewer, Gravity Sewer, Sewer Forcemain). - Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (PVC) - Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) - Fibe (MORE)
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Where is a sewer?

Sewer system is where waste goes from your plumbing. ADD: Sewers are the pipe system that runs underneath the surface of the ground usually along the side of roads or under s (MORE)