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Is it wrong to feel sexually attracted to a Pokemon?

Not at all. It's a fetish. Everyone has fetishes. Just as long as the fetish doesn't cause any harm to yourself or to anybody else. For example, there are people who have a fe (MORE)
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How do you know if you're not sexually attracted to someone?

Sexual attraction is when you look at someone and you want them. You watch their body and imagine what would happen if...? You know you are not sexually attracted when you don (MORE)
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How do sexual attractions work in humans?

Hi, There is no definite answer to your question, a statement often used is that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". David Hume's Essays, Moral and Political, 1742, includ (MORE)
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Is it normal to be sexually attracted to numbers?

As long as you're not hurting anyone, it's fine. Lots of people have fetishes outside of what is societally considered normal. This happens to be a rather innocent and harmles (MORE)

Is it okay to be Sexually attracted to fat girls?

Yes, many men and probably some women are attracted to bigger women.   Answer 2   There are men who prefer women who are fat and, in fact, some who will deliberately att (MORE)

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