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Is it harmful to drink your partners urine as part of a sexual encounter and does it matter how you drink or how frequently?

i drink my partners urine often it never did me any harm   I also drink my wife's urine. It is a regular part of our foreplay. Sometimes just a few drops or sometimes an en (MORE)

What happens if someone lies to police in a statement telling them that a friend who they treat as a brother has harassed them the case is going to court but the friend was a sexual partner?

First you should go back to the police and correct your statement or you will be caught in your lie when it goes to court. It is much better to be honest. If your friend did s (MORE)

Why do people lose sexual attraction for their partner?

Daily life makes one or both partners forget the reason the spark was there in the first place. Complacency, apathy, knowing someone to well, a loss of romance, children, stre (MORE)
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Urinating on your partner for sexual pleasure?

  It is a personal preference of people that like to try new things. I'm guessing that if you do try it, it would be better to have a shower or do it in the shower/tub or (MORE)

What is a rash with reddish raised bumps and no pain located an inch away from the genitals and your sexual partner is STD free?

  If you find out please let me know, mine arent raised but they came from no where and they have been there for almost 2 months no pain, itch or anything... they are just (MORE)

Your partner has had many more sexual partners than you how do you deal with this?

Tough question. But there's really just one way out of this, and that is not comparing yourself to his/her previous partners every time you make love, or wondering whether he/ (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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