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Words that have sh in the middle?

 astonishment  brandishing  accomplishment  anguished  ashtray  bushel  boorishness  bushwhack  banishment  courtship  citizenship  cushion  cashew  dashingly  (MORE)

What are words beginning with sh?

  * she  * sham  * shed  * shag  * shut  * shot  * shell  * short  * shrink  * shread  * shake  * shine  * shame  * shape  * sharp  * shuffle  * shark  * (MORE)

Words with ss that say sh?

aggression cession commission compassion concussion depression digression discussion fission mission passion percussion permission profession progression possession remission (MORE)

What does SH mean on a Honda Prelude?

According to, "The main difference between the base  model and the Type SH was the addition of Honda's Active Torque  Transfer System, an electronic system that (MORE)

Adjectives that begin with the sh sound?

short  * shy  * shadowy  * shaggy  * shaky  * shifty  * shallow  * shameful  * shameless  * shapely  * shapeless  * shredded  * sheepish  * sheltered  * showy  (MORE)

What does SH in baseball mean?

SH in baseball stands for "Sacrifice Hit" - also known as a  Sacrifice Bunt.    It is when a batter comes up with a runner or two on base and less  than two outs, and (MORE)