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What is shade?

In Art, Shade Is Part Of A Technique Called Tone. Tone Is The Light And Dark Of A Picture Or A Shape. The Lightest Light Is The White Of Your Paper And You Can Put pressure On ( Full Answer )
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What is a shade?

Shade . -noun 1. the comparative darkness caused by the interception or screening of rays of light from an object, place, or area. 2. a place or an area of comparative dar ( Full Answer )
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What are the shades of pantyhose?

Shades vary from nude (looks like your skin tone) to black. Nude looks horrible on women because it looks like your not even wearing hose. Darker shades cover blemishes on you ( Full Answer )
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What are shaded perennials?

When a flower is called a shaded perennial it means that it must be grown in a shaded area of the garden. Being a perennial means it will grow back each year without you repla ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with shade?

There are many words that rhyme with shade: Laid Paid Maid Fade Bade Braid Jade Made Prayed Raid Staid Stayed Dismayed Trade Wade Payed Spayed Spade Blade Played Weighed
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What is a shading coil?

A shading coil induces currents to create an additional electricalphase. The coil pauses slightly to control magnetic flux. Delayingmagnetic flux allows for a secondary rotati ( Full Answer )
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How hot can it get in the shade?

it can get as hot as nothing.. it stays exactally the same as the tempurture out side
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What shade is cognac?

No easy question, as this depends. The main difference could be the age. Dark colour could just be a sign of an older Cognac or of added caramel.
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Is shade a noun?

Yes, the word shade is both a verb and a noun. Example uses: Verb: When this tree grows a little, it will shade the patio nicely. Noun: That is a nice shade of blue.
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What is the definition of a shade?

The word "shade" has a number of meanings as a noun: 1. A device to darken something or cause a shadow. 2. The gradation of a particular colour between black (darkest) and whi ( Full Answer )