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Is white a shade?

No, the color white is a color. White reflects all colors of the visible light spectrum to the eyes.
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What is shade?

In Art, Shade Is Part Of A Technique Called Tone. Tone Is The Light And Dark Of A Picture Or A Shape. The Lightest Light Is The White Of Your Paper And You Can Put pressure On (MORE)

What is a shade?

Shade . -noun 1. the comparative darkness caused by the interception or screening of rays of light from an object, place, or area. 2. a place or an area of comparative dar (MORE)
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What is shade or tint?

A shade is a colour after you have added a bit of black and a tint is a colour after you have added a bit of white Hope this helps !!

What is the definition of shade?

1. area out of direct sunlight: an area of relative darkness where direct sunlight is blocked or obscured2. slightly different color: a color that is a variation on a basic co (MORE)
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What is the noun of shade?

The word shade is a noun, a singular, common noun; such as a window shade or lamp shade. The word shade is also a verb and an adjective; for example: Noun: We found a perfect (MORE)
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Is shade a verb?

Yes it cane be a verb. Can you shade the plants in the garden.
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