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What is a hybrid compiler?

Hybrid compiler is a compiler which translates a human readable source code to an intermediate byte code for later interpretation. So these languages do have both features of (MORE)

How does a compiler work?

In very broad terms a compiler takes input in some computer programming language and converts it to a form that can be executed by a processor. Generally there are four main (MORE)

What is compiler and stages of compiler?

1. Computer Science. A program that translates another program written in a high-level language into machine language so that it can be executed.   2. Computer software (MORE)

What is compiling?

  Answer   A computer can understand instructions written in a specific machine dependent format, which unfortunately are very cryptic to be written directly. So we (MORE)

What is the use of compiler?

  Compiler is used to convert a language readable in user domain into the tasks which is understood by the machine.   example: C++ compiler compiles program written in (MORE)

What is the meaning of compiled?

Compiled means to put together a number of works and articles in one book or article. To put a number of very similar writings together as in an anthology. To put data togethe (MORE)
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How do you copyright a compilation of music?

You would only be able to copyright new material: existing tracks being used in the compilation would need to be licensed from the rightsholders (a mechanical license for the (MORE)