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How do you build a shadoof?

A shaduf was used in ancient times to transport water to land. Inorder to create a model of one you will need to place two pairs ofsticks with forks on top in two clay bases. (MORE)
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Who was a shadoof used by?

A shadoof is used by farmers who need to get water for their crops or fields when the river(s) aren't easily available. They are used to get water from below ground level (a h (MORE)

What is a shadoof used for?

The waterproof vessel is used to scoop up and carry water from one body of water (typically, a river or pond) to another. At the end of each movement, the water is emptied out (MORE)
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Where are shadoofs used today?

They where made in e gypt so that's where they are also they wre used dor irrigation
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Is a shadoof to get water from?

A shadoof is used to get water from one level to another. It is usually used to raise water from a lower level to a higher one.