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Why do we have shadows?

Shadows are caused when an object is blocking the light causing the shape to appear on the ground in the opposite direction of the source of the light. A shadow only appears i (MORE)
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Who is shadow?

Shadow is a Hedgehog like Sonic the Hedgehog. He died but Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) made a Andriod copy of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is always grumpy. But if he ever forgets who (MORE)
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Why do we get shadows?

We have shadows because something is obviously blocking the place where it's sunny. If we didn't have shadows then there's nothing in front of the sunny place but if that's no (MORE)
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What are shadows for?

shadows are actually a black shade of an object. you might don't understand it but let me say it much more clearly. shadows are formed by the light hitting the object and the (MORE)
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Why does a shadow have a shadow?

Because he absorbs or reflects light like any other solid object. Yes that and the fact that everyone and everything will have and always has had a shadow.
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How do you get a shadow?

by the suns rays bouncing of something to from a dark replica of the object
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What do you have shadows for?

God only knows. they can be warnings of approaching hazardous objects, though, and they are or were useful in sun dials. a shadow- being a diluted form of energy, has no mass (MORE)
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Where are shadows from?

It has something to do with what light happens to be around thatperson at the time. If there happens to be a bright light shiningon an object, that object's 'shadow' will cast (MORE)
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How we get shadows?

Because something opaque comes between the light source and thesurface onto which the light is falling.
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How do we have shadows?

Shadows are the absence or reduction of light resulting froman object being in between the light source and the surface thatthe shadow is cast upon.