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Are shaggy and velma lovers?

The new series does imply that they are dating, but they are a little young on the show to be lovers. The original sometimes has some evidence of them being interested in one (MORE)

Who is shaggy 2 dopes wife?

Shaggy was married for a number of years and had three kids, two  boys and a girl. Unfortunately, the marriage was not to last Mr.  Two Dopes received a divorce after debati (MORE)

Who is shaggys wife?

Musical artist Shaggy was born in Kingston, Jamaica on October 22,  1968, with the birth name Orville Richard Burrell. He is not  married but has been with his girlfriend fo (MORE)

What is the name of the characters in shaggy dog?

The Cast and characters of the 2006 movie Shaggy Dog are as follows: Tim Allen ... Dave DouglasKristin Davis ... Rebecca DouglasZena Grey ... Carly DouglasSpencer Breslin ... (MORE)
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What happened to Shaggy?

I just saw shaggy performing on a cruise ship sailing to Bermuda with a band "Roots Vibration" . It wasn't public but it was no doult shaggy performing with this very low key (MORE)

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