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Brahma Ganesha Indra Shiva and Vishnu and their respective Shaktis viewd as bodhisattvas in Buddhism?

Quite simply yes. In Tibetan Buddhism, or tantric Indian Buddhism as well as Japanese Buddhism that is true. They are all considered world protectors, and high level bodhisatt (MORE)

Anyone used shakti synbiotic?

  I have been using Shakti Synbiotic for over 2 years, and so has my family.   We began using it because we got tired of having 10 different products as supplements. (MORE)

Who died at Shakti Sthal?

Located north of Vir Bhumi, the memorial of Rajiv Gandhi, Shakti Sthal is the memorial of India's first and only lady prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi.She was the only c (MORE)

What are Shakti goddesses?

lakshmi,saraswati,paarvati are shakti goddesses. Shakti goddesses are innumerable and immensely popular in villages. To bring these people to mainstream Hinduism and prevent (MORE)

Who is Shakti mohan boyfriend?

There had been gossips going on about Kunwar Amar and Shakti but I heard that Shakti was dating a guy named Punit but than they had a breakup and about i heard that he's datin (MORE)