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Who is the avatar after Aang?

These are some facts i got from Wikipedia The Avatar after Aang is Korra who is a waterbender Korra is a female Waterbender native to the Southern Water Tribe, as Water su (MORE)

What is the avatar in the movie of avatar?

In the movie 'Avatar', the avatars used by humans on Pandora are genetically engineered mixes of Na'vi DNA and human DNA. This mix creates an organism that looks like a Na'vi (MORE)
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What is the Avatar State?

The Avatar State is a defense mechanism, in which an Avatar may freely access the knowledge and powers of all previous Avatars. This provides the Avatar with great powers, as (MORE)

What is the avatar cycle in avatar?

Air, water, earth, and fire. =) no. It's actually Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Coincidentally, the cycle of reincarnation corresponds to the cycle of the seasons; each of which i (MORE)

Where is Avatar filmed?

Hamakua Coast, Hawaii, USA Kaua'i, Hawaii, USA(rain forest) Los Angeles, California, USA O'ahu, Hawaii, USA Playa Vista, California, USA Stone Street Studios, Stone Street, M (MORE)

What is the storyline of 'Avatar'?

Avatar is a movie set in a fictional future where an Earth company (the RDA) is trying to extract a rare and valuable mineral, Unobtainium, from the moon Pandora, located in t (MORE)

What an avatar?

Whoever wrote this answer is wrong. An Avatar is a full body computer program that can be customized to look like you or differently, it is used in many MMORPG games, and it w (MORE)

What is Avatar about?

Avatar: The Last Airbender is about a 12 yr old boy (biologically) who is an airbender frozen in an iceberg for 100 yrs. When he awakes he meets Katara (a waterbender) and Sok (MORE)

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