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What is shale?

Shale is a clastic sedimentary rock. Which means that it is a rock made from sediments derived from other rock and organic matter that are compacted or cemented together. Shal (MORE)

What is shale used for?

Shale is used as filler in paint, plastic, roofing cement; as raw material for bricks; as landscaping and driveway material, and in some cases as a source of oil.
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How is shale formed?

Shale is formed as a result of many processes.   The first process involves the weathering and erosion of existing silicate rock, usually igneous or metamorphic in nature, (MORE)
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Where do you find shale?

Shale are findable in areas where organic material deposited under anoxic conditions, so that bacterias had not the chance to dissolve the organic matter. Most probably are pa (MORE)
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What is shale gas?

Shale is a sedimentary rock that is generally formed as particles of sediment settle out in calm water. Shale can be formed in shallow inland waters or deep ocean basins. Shal (MORE)
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What is An fact about shale?

It is a sedimentary rock that easily splits into layers. It is also the parent rock of Slate.
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Is a Shale an aquifer?

No. Shale is a type of sedimentary rock. However, it can help form  an aquifer by acting as an impermeable layer.
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What are Burgess Shales?

The Burgess shales are located in the mountains of British Columbia Canada. They contain one of the greatest collections of Cambrian fossil life gathered in one place anywhere (MORE)