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What is shamanism?

The practice of shamanism is not easily defined. The best I can do to get you started is to define a few parameters. A shaman is one who goes into an altered state of consc ( Full Answer )
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What is a shaman?

A Shaman is a head chief who is believed to be a demi-god who also goes on vision quests in search for truth. The Natives (First Nations) of North America believe in Shamans.
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What are shamans?

Shamans are links between the living world and the human world and they can temporarily get possessed by a spirit
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Who was the shaman and what did he do?

The shaman or medicine man of American Indian culture was the healer, spiritually and most often herbally. He was also the keeper of the integrity of ceremonies, for the most ( Full Answer )
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What was the shaman and what did he do?

The shaman was the medicine man of the tribe. They were mostlyresponsible for healing people and possibly being the chief'sinformant. Edit: Until the last few decades, the te ( Full Answer )
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What did shaman do?

They are the spiritual chiefs of Native American tribes. They mostly help people of the tribe in healing or spiritual consulting. They would go on vision quests to communicate ( Full Answer )
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What do shamans have to undergo to become shamans?

The majority of Shamans are either born into the role, or they are called into it. A "calling" may involve a serious illness (mental or physical), during which they realise, ( Full Answer )
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What does shamanism do?

The shaman uses mystical powers to journey to other worlds or realities and communicate with spirits in order to bring about a balance between the physical and spiritual world ( Full Answer )
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What is the best evolved shaman or shaman?

Shaman is better (once reached rank 5) ithrows on more damage and energy embrace strengthens it. It also has a higher crit and it can higher it's crit chance.
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What is better shaman or evolved shaman?

evo.shamen Extra info: Evolved Shaman: weakness Elemental Grasp doesn't last Shaman: Mana doesn't regenerate fast enough