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Can you see shamans in Animal Jam?

At certain times, yes, you can meet a shaman on Animal Jam. They  are similar to guides and actually talk and chat with you. There  haven't been any sightings for quite some (MORE)

What are the teachings of shamanism?

Love and respect for all things around you and the belief that all things are apart of the great spirit.
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How did shamanism begin?

Shamanism began in Siberia. It is not Native American. Native Americans just refer to their medicine people as medicine men or medicine women. This started at the beginning of (MORE)

In Shaman King is Morty really a shaman?

In the Anime he is. He is a shaman starting from episode 51-62. His guardian ghost is Mosuke, but he doesn't stay a shaman. In the Manga, Morty is not a shaman and has serious (MORE)

What is a pagan shaman?

A shaman is a person(specifically a religious leader/figure/mystic/etc) who can travel/communicate between this world and their equivalent of the spirit world. A pagan shaman (MORE)

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Who is the founder of shamanism?

Shamanism has been with humanity as long as we have been self-aware. The foundations are lost in the mists of time. Shamanism was not" founded" by any one person or group. Sin (MORE)
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Who is shaman on Pokemon?

Okay, theres no Pokemon called shaman, you may be thinking of the Pokemon SHAYMIN. now, shaymin is a legendary grass type Pokemon, she resembles a hedgehog in her land form(mo (MORE)

What was the shaman and what did he do?

The shaman was the medicine man of the tribe. They were mostly  responsible for healing people and possibly being the chief's  informant.    Edit: Until the last few (MORE)

Is shamanism a Universalizing or Ethnic religion?

Shamanism is not a religion. It is a anthropological description of  many religions that have some traits in common such as people who  go into trance states and communicate (MORE)