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What is the Shamash?

yo its Michael rizal from cerritos elementary 08-09 watsup A Shamash is the extra candle of the menorah standing in the middle. IT is the talest out of the nine yooooo im stil ( Full Answer )
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Is a shamash used to light a menorah?

Yes, a shamash is used to light the Hanukkiyah (Hanukkah-menorah). The shamash may be at the center of of the Hanukkiah or on the end, but it is always at a different height f ( Full Answer )
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What is the shamash candle?

There are 9 candles that are lit on Hanukkah. One is the helper candle ("shamash") used to light the other 8, which symbolize the 8 days of Hanukkah.
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How does Shamash help gilgamesh?

Shamash helps gilgamesh in a couple of ways. One way he helps gilgamesh is when gilgamesh is fighting humbaba. Shamash gives Gilgamesh the winds of the world to help defeat hu ( Full Answer )