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How do you find a shaming?

I think you may mean Shaymin.. You can't get Shaymin without Action Replay. There is a code (dont know what it is, look it up) that will get you an item called Oak's letter. (MORE)
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What if your only shame is to have shame?

Then it would be very easy not to get shameful because you would not have anything to give you shame in the first place. So, if you do not feel shame from anything but shame, (MORE)
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Do racists have shame?

Most hardcore racists have no shame in their hateful beliefs or actions. They will proudly state they are racist and not care who hears it. Some, however, are ashamed and emba (MORE)
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Can you shame a bully?

well, due to the fact most bullies are not new at their "jobs", it is hard to punish them and make a lasting imprint in their heads of your punishment. their is ways to shame (MORE)
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What is the adjective for shame?

If a person feels shame, then they are "ashamed". If an action deserves shame, it is a "shameful" action.
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What is the mechanism of shame?

The reduction in serotonin and epinephrine and several other neurotransmitters in temporal lobe of brain may be invovled. The combination of or proportion of neurohormones als (MORE)
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What does have you no shame mean?

This is usually asked of a person when the asker thinks the person has done or is doing something shameful. It implicitly asks if the person feels shame when they do shameful (MORE)
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Why can shame be harmful?

Shame is harmful because it adversely affectsevery aspect of your life. Shame is a painful and ongoing feeling of distressand humiliation caused by a concious belief of be (MORE)
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Is shame an adjective?

No, it is not. It may be a verb or a noun (a shame, an unfortunatesituation). Either of the participles of the verb (shaming, shamed)might be used as an adjective.