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Does Darren shan become a full vampire?

WARNING SPOILERS.  No he never becomes a full vampire, because at the end of the sons of destiny novel he and Steve fight to the death while Darren is still transforming into (MORE)

Will there be a second Darren shan movie?

Perhaps. The first one cost a lot of the budget to make and it didn't prove that popular. The film company may not give the producers enough budget to create a second movie. S (MORE)

What is in Yu Shan Chicken?

Yu Shan chicken is a spicy chicken dish with several vegetables. It  is made of sliced chicken that is sautŽed with water chestnuts,  tree ear, white onions, green onions (MORE)

How does Darren shan die?

In the final book he has a face of with Steve Leopard, in which it is revealed that Desmond Tiny has manipulated them both and that whichever one wins the fight will go on to (MORE)

What is yu shan chicken?

Yu Shan chicken is chicken that is sautéed with various  ingredients and served with a garlic sauce. The chicken is sliced  thinly and sautéed with carrots, onions, ce (MORE)

What is the Tang Shan Earthquake?

It is believed to be the largest earthquake of the 20th century by death toll, which occurred on July 28, 1976 at 03:42:53.8 local time. The epicentre of the earthquake was ne (MORE)

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