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Shaolin monks celibate?

Yes, Buddhist Shaolin monks are celibate. They are also abstain  from eating meat and alcohol. They are also bound not to kill any  living creatures.

What are the 12 branches of Shaolin?

  The 12 branches of Kung Fu are the twelve styles, mostly based on movements of particular animals, that developed out of the original Shaolin Temple Boxing techniques de (MORE)

Where do shaolin monks live?

Shaolin monks live in Shaolin temples. These were traditionally  found only in China, but now there are some in other countries,  such as the U.S.
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How do shaolin monks tattoo their head?

During a ritual for their inauguration into the monastery, a priest sets 6 burning incense on their head. It burns down and finally burns their head. The monks are supposed to (MORE)
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Do shaolin monks burn markings into their forearms?

Yes; but in the days prior to the destruction of the Temple by the Manchus. The monk who was chosen to leave the Temple (after a series of tests culminating in the wooden dumm (MORE)

How many shaolin temples are there?

    The original Shaolin Temple is in China of course, but there are Shaolin Temples all over the world now. Temples are being built all over to expose other cultures (MORE)
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Where is Shaolin Temple located?

The Shaolin Temple is located on Mount Song, nearby adjacent to Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, and is a Chan Buddist temple. Many believers come to worship and meditate in this temple
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How do you become a shaolin monk?

To become a shaolin monk, members are usually groomed for this  status from the time they are children. Exposure to the world in a  traditional sense and later becoming a mo (MORE)