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Where is the Shaolin in USSD Shaolin Kempo?

USSD uses the shaolin name but does not teach any shaolin in their system. They are from Fred Villaris Shaolin Kempo. Charles mattera left in 1989 over money or wanting to run (MORE)

What is Shaolin Kempo?

Shaolin Kempo is a combination of Kong- fu Karate, and jujitsu. The fighting styles include 5 animals: Crane, Dragon, Leopard, Snake, and Tiger. There is a unique belt system (MORE)

Who are shaolin priests?

Shaolin priests are ordained Buddhist monks at the Shaolin Temple in Mt. Song of Henan Province, China. There is a religious class and a martial class of monks. The martial mo (MORE)

Wheres the Shaolin in USSD Shaolin Kempo?

I have noticed that their school teaches a combination of shaolin and kempo karate. Their style is based off of the shaolin arts, but incorporates many aspects of traditional (MORE)

What are facts about Shaolin Monks?

1. They first began to practice military weapons sometime prior to the 7th century in an attempt to protect their monastery's treasures from mountain bandits. 2. They becam (MORE)

How is shaolin traning?

If they are willing to reveal it publicly, for an official curriculum, you are going to have to contact the Shaolin Corporation. Yeah, you read right; they are incorporated. T (MORE)

Who created shaolin?

The Indian Monk Buddhabhadra gained permission in 495 to build the temple from an emperor of the Northern Wei dynasty.