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What are all the Kung Fu techniques?

Having recently read Mathew Polly's book "American Shaolin" (copyright 2007), I am convinced that the art is continually growing exponentially daily. HOWEVER, in the popular (MORE)
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How is real kung fu different from kung fu?

The first designation between "real" training, and that which is not real would be a comparison between an instructor who had actually learned the art legitimately from a qual (MORE)

What was the first shaolin kung-fu movie ever made?

"That is the Jet li's shaolin made in 1982, you can go to contact : to buy and check" That is FALSE. There were quite a few "Shaolin" (MORE)
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How can you do Kung Fu?

Find a qualified instructor to teach you! Or, just look on line, for a style that suits you and start training the basics. Qualified instructors, are few and far between, so i (MORE)

Who invented Kung-Fu?

The "KUNG FU" martial art is the chinese martial art .IN 1600 AD  (aproximately) a man who is called "BHODHI  DHARMAM"(Temilian,INDIAN) was born in Temilnadu,INDIA.He had lo (MORE)
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How did Kung Fu begin?

First, to clarify, the modern "Kung Fu" (an term for all Chinese martial arts) began in the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD-1644 AD); and Chinese historical writings regard Equitation ( (MORE)

How do you do kung fu?

Kung Fu is a term commonly used to reference Chinese Martial Arts. Having said that, the short answer is you must find a kung fu school or teacher in your area. Look for marti (MORE)

What is Kung Fu used for?

It depends on what time period we are talking about. During most of dynastic China (11th c. BCE - 20th c. CE), the martial arts, in this case skill with military weapons like (MORE)