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What shape is our planet and how did it get this shape?

  The name for our planet's shape is an 'oblate spheroid', which is like a sphere squashed slightly in one direction (like if you press down on a soccer ball on the floor; (MORE)

What is the shape of a star?

stars (like planets) are a sphere. this is because objects with such a large size wants a shape with the least surface area. stars are not perfectly round though, most stars b (MORE)
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Is the shape of a house a rigid shape?

Is the "shape of a house" like a child's silhouette of a house? A horizontal base with vertical uprights at each end, and a roof consisting of two sloped lines. That is a pent (MORE)

Is heart shape a geometric shape?

yes , a heart is a geometric shape Yes. (We're not talking about the primary organ of the circulatory system here. It's a math question.)   Draw a heart on a piece of paper (MORE)

What is the shape of BF3?

BF3 is a molecule in the trigonal planar shape. It has a central  boron atom that is surrounded on three sides by three fluorine  atoms.

What is the shape of a blimp?

Blimps are non-rigid airships. Their shape is determined by the design of the envelope (inflatable bag). Most common airships are shaped like a cigar.
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Are 3d shapes plane shapes?

No because 2d shapes are plane such as polygons but example of 3d shapes are: pyramid, cone, cuboid, cylinder, sphere ... etc
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