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How do you get in shape?

Answer 1 Exercise and eat healthy.... Answer 2 Eat healthy balanced foods in smaller portions 5-6x's a day. 3 medium 2-3 healthy snacks. Perform both anaerobic and aer (MORE)
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What shape is our planet and how did it get this shape?

The name for our planet's shape is an 'oblate spheroid', which is like a sphere squashed slightly in one direction (like if you press down on a soccer ball on the floor; Smart (MORE)
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How does an out of shape female begin to get in shape?

Carefully and step by step. Walking is good, start with every 2nd day or so. Increase pace and duration as you become fitter. Walking with poles will give you a bit of upper b (MORE)
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What is the shape of the 6 sided shape?

Six sided shapes are called hexagons. If all 6 sides are the same size, then the shape is called a regular hexagon.
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What is the perimeter of a shape that is odd shaped?

It is the total length of its boundary. There is no need for the boundary to be made up of straight lines or even smooth curves. However, fractals do cause problems.
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Is heart shape a geometric shape?

yes , a heart is a geometric shape Yes. (We're not talking about the primary organ of the circulatory system here. It's a math question.)Draw a heart on a piece of paper. (MORE)
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Is any shape a shape?

Anything that has two dimensions and is completely closed is a shape (as opposed to a line which as one dimension, or a point which has zero). A property of these shapes will (MORE)
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Are 3d shapes plane shapes?

No because 2d shapes are plane such as polygons but example of 3d shapes are: pyramid, cone, cuboid, cylinder, sphere ... etc