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What shape is a equiangular?

Equiangular just means that all of the angles are the same, but the term is most often used to describe an equilateral triangle.
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What is WBC shape?

White blood ccelss are round in shape with a slight dip i  the middle, they are conected to another round shape with a bumpy  surface.   There are 7 different types of w (MORE)
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What shape is our planet and how did it get this shape?

  The name for our planet's shape is an 'oblate spheroid', which is like a sphere squashed slightly in one direction (like if you press down on a soccer ball on the floor; (MORE)

What is the shape of a star?

stars (like planets) are a sphere. this is because objects with such a large size wants a shape with the least surface area. stars are not perfectly round though, most stars b (MORE)

Is heart shape a geometric shape?

yes , a heart is a geometric shape Yes. (We're not talking about the primary organ of the circulatory system here. It's a math question.)   Draw a heart on a piece of paper (MORE)

What is the shape of BF3?

BF3 is a molecule in the trigonal planar shape. It has a central  boron atom that is surrounded on three sides by three fluorine  atoms.
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What shape is a kakapo?

Although the kakapo is a parrot, being flightless, its shape is  stockier than that of other parrots. It is the world's heaviest  parrot and it has more of an owl's rounded (MORE)

Are 3d shapes plane shapes?

No because 2d shapes are plane such as polygons but example of 3d shapes are: pyramid, cone, cuboid, cylinder, sphere ... etc
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