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What country do shar peis come from?

Shar Peis come from China.
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How long do shar peis live?

As an any average mid size dog, shar peis live from 8 to 12 years. But with good care and proper diet they are known to live 15 years or longer.
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What is kali trance?

Kali trance is a state of your spiritual being. it is a portal to the Goddess kali in which she uses the physical to help her children. Its not something that can be learned, (MORE)

What are the advantages of Kali Yuga?

Kali Yuga, the worst Yuga has many advantages over Krita Yuga, the best Yuga. 1. In Krita Yuga people live under ideal conditions or under just one set of conditions only. T (MORE)

Are Shar pei good dogs?

Shar-peis are not considered amongst the most intelligent dogs (please see below in Related Links for more information). However, they are not unintelligent, and the margin be (MORE)

How much is a shar-pei?

I got one five years ago from a pet store and he was approx. $1,300 with his shots. Also, if he/she is really wrinkly, you may have to get the eyes stiched ($200). This is to (MORE)

Where is bhima Kali temple?

The Shri Bhima Kali temple is located at Sarahan, a small town in Himachal Pradesh province, in northern India.
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What is height of sharry maan a Punjabi singer?

itni jada hai k main bata hi nahi sakta mere khayal se his height is 5'6' bcoz when he is standing nearby diljit dosanjh in ptc punjabi music awards he is only a little bit sh (MORE)

Who is Pamela Kalis?

Pamela Kalis (November 3, 1951-) is a singer/actress who was born in Chattanooga, TN. Her original career choice was that of a clown for Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circu (MORE)