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What is a share?

Answer 1 A share is a document issued by a company that entitles its holder to be one of the owners of the company.    Answer 2   A unit of ownership that represents (MORE)

What is shares?

A share is an increment of ownership. Usually shares relate to investments in stocks and bonds. Each share has an assigned value.
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How do you buy shares or sold the shares?

For buying and selling of shares you need to open a demat and trading account with an NSE listed company. Investment in shares when done wisely and with expertise brings in th (MORE)
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If you have it you can't share it and if you share it you can't have it?

nothing Virginity: If you have your virginity, you can't share it, if you share your virginity, you no longer have it Nothing is the correct answer. If you have nothing, it (MORE)

How do shares pay you as a share holder?

Shares are essentially a stake in ownership of a firm offering stock as a method of raising capital. Owning stock can sometimes allow you to receive dividends, a certain share (MORE)

What is a share-for-share exchange?

Pretty much what it sounds like: two investors exchange an equal number of shares of two different companies. This is usually done when a corporation is taking over another on (MORE)

How do you purchase a share from the share market?

To Purchase or become a part of company first of all you need to find a broker ( a broker is a plat form which deals between company and an investor). Once you reached near br (MORE)

What is a share for share exchange?

Sometimes company create new shares of different value to swap with old share or sometimes takeover of company by offering share of company that is taking over.
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