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What are the Sharia laws?

Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam. It comes from the Quran and from the Sunnah, and is similar to the Christian Old Testament law. _________________________ (MORE)

What is wrong with sharia?

A: Sharia law was introduced as a potential force for good, but has too often been used as a weapon for evil. A recent example in Malaysia, where sharia operates within a (MORE)

What is the sharia based on?

The Sharia is a Muslim text that is based upon the Sunnah, the Koran, the Ijma, and the Qiyas. __________________________________________________________________ Sharia l (MORE)

What are sharia laws?

Sharia laws are laws based on the Quran; the holy book of Islam. _____________________________________________________________ Sharia law is based on: . Quran, Muslims ho (MORE)

Did Pakistan apply sharia?

Sharia is part of law in Pakistan. Its application is severely constrained. Since majority of Muslims of Pakistan live in a dreamland. They talk and pay high respect to Allah (MORE)
In France

Does France use sharia law?

No. France is official a secular state and, therefore, government endorsement of any religion or its views is categorically banned. France does not have anything similar to th (MORE)