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What is the sharia based on?

The Sharia is a Muslim text that is based upon the Sunnah, the Koran, the Ijma, and the Qiyas. __________________________________________________________________ Sharia law (MORE)

Is Sharia Law used anywhere in the US?

The US Constitution forbids the use of any law based on religion. Sharia is a code of Islamic Law based on the teachings of Mohamed. Just as the Constitution forbids governmen (MORE)

What countries do not follow sharia law strictly?

The problem with this question is that there is not one unified  consensus among Muslims as to what the proper or strict application  of Sharia law is. That being said, ther (MORE)

How do the Quarn and the Sharia guide Muslims?

Sharia is the set of Islamic rules derived from Quran and prophet Muhammad Sunnah (sayings and practices). In this sense, Sharia sets the rules for: ritual worshipsmoralsmarr (MORE)

What are pros and cons of sharia law?

Answer 1   Sharia law is based mainly on God holy book Quran and the prophet  Sunnah (sayings and practices). Accordingly, no one can claim that  he/she has the authorit (MORE)

Which countries use the sharia?

Though all Muslim countries must use shria law, it is not used  anywhere in its letter and spirit.    In terms of those that claim that they are applying it more rigid (MORE)