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Who sings the song 'Precious Jesus' sweet Rose of Sharon there's peace and triumph when you speak his name?

There was a version of that song done by the The Grace Thrillers of Jamaica with Sandra Brooks as lead singer, on their album Crown Him Lord of All, released 1995.   Anot (MORE)

Is Sharon a boys name?

traditionally male name but after many girls were named Sharon , it  came to be known as a girl name , but still its a boys name .
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What are the lyrics to the southern gospel song Precious Jesus Sweet Rose of Sharon?

Who is refreshing as an ocean in the desert As lovely as a flower in the snow And who is as watchful as an eagle o'er her young ones As gentle as the summer breeze that (MORE)

When was Sharon Mae Disney born?

On December 21, 1936 (the winter solstice), Sharon Mae was born. To whom, no one really knows (the Disney's tried to keep it a secret from the press), but she was adopted by W (MORE)

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Is Sharon Stone Jewish?

No. She converted to Tibetan Buddhism and is a Minister in the Universal Life Church.
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How do you prune rose of Sharon bush?

  Rose of Sharon is more like a small tree. It is in the mallow family and produces lovely, colorful, hibiscus flowers throughout the summer. Pruning Rose of Sharon is lik (MORE)

How do you remove sweetness from sweet chili?

To remove the sweetness from sweet chili, you can add a little red  wine vinegar to the dish. Alternatively, you can add a few large  potatoes and cook for about an hour. Th (MORE)

Who is Sharon osborn?

Sharon Rachel Osbourne is a British author, actress, music manager and promoter and television personality. She is also the wife of rock singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne.
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