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Why do we see stars only at night?

we only see stars in the sky at night because in the day it is light because of the sun. The stars are very light but the stars can not be seen because of the sunlight. So w (MORE)

What did the music in twelfth night do?

One of the reasons the music in Twelfth Night plays an important role is because the characters express their feelings through the songs some of them sing/play. For example, (MORE)

Why do you see the stars only at night?

During day, the Sun is up and the light prevents you from being able to see the stars, but they are still there. At night the Sun is hidden by the Earth, and there is no light (MORE)
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Why do stars twinkle at night time?

The sparkling lights that seem to twinkle are reflections of the sun upon the celestial objects.
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Do the stars twinkle only at night?

Stars only "twinkle" because of atmospheric conditions on Earth. In space, they do not twinkle. If we could see them during the day, which of course we can't because the sun (MORE)

Why do the stars glow only at night?

Because the sun shines so bright during the day it kind of camouflages the stars that aren't that bright. In the night there's nothing there to camouflage the stars. Well, the (MORE)