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Who owns the stars in the night sky?

Answer     G-d owns the stars in the night and in the day(although you can't see the strars in the day ). G-d owns and controls every- He gave life to your parents an (MORE)

What did the music in twelfth night do?

One of the reasons the music in Twelfth Night plays an important role is because the characters express their feelings through the songs some of them sing/play. For example, (MORE)

What are stars in the night sky?

Answer: Burning balls of gas millions of miles away! Answer: The stars are similar to our Sun. Very bright objects, with diameters that are often a million kilometers across o (MORE)

Why do stars appear at night?

because when the day gets dark and no light is shown the galaxy of stars tend to show very bright.
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Why do the stars shine at night?

Stars are always shining not just at night. We do not see them during the day due to the brightness of the closest star (our Sun) and the diffusion of that star's light in our (MORE)