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What is Shawarma?

A shawarma is a Middle-Eastern-style wrap composed of shaved meats. Common meats used include lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a mixture of meats. The meat is marinated a (MORE)
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How do you make shawarma rotisserie?

Things You'll Need: . Fresh steak meat . Mediterranean spices . Tahini sauce . Garlic sauce . Hummus . Tomatoes . Green salad . Onions . Pickles . Tabouli salad . (MORE)

How many weight watchers points in a chicken shawarma?

The size of the chicken shawarma sandwich and the additionalingredients added to the chicken will dramatically impact acalculation of Weight Watcher points. The bare chicken m (MORE)
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What are the main ingredients typically in Shawarma?

The Arab snack "Shawarma" mainly consists of meat, like for example lamb, chicken, veal, beef and turkey placed on a spit and being grilled for several hours. Afterwards shavi (MORE)

What is in a shawarma?

Most shawarma is made with lamb orchicken, though I've also had a lamb/beef mixture, and goat.Whatelse goes inside is a matter for the restaurant. The best shawarmasI've had w (MORE)