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What is a Sheaf?

Answer . a sheaf can be a bundle of wood,stalks paper etc. \n. \n Sheaves \n. \n. \nIn mathematics, a sheaf F on a topological space X is something that assigns a st (MORE)

What is a sheaf of wheat?

Wheat is a form of grass. Like grass, it grows in individual stalkswith the actual edible wheat at the top of the stalk. Each stalk istall. You cut it off at the bottom. It is (MORE)

What is a sheaf of grain?

A sheaf is how you stack grain so that it sheds water and stays fresh until you need to use it. The stalks are placed vertically, leaning against one another to make a tall mu (MORE)
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Do you add es or s for sheaf?

Nouns that end with 'f' or 'fe' are made plural by dropping the 'f' or the 'fe' and adding 'ves'. The plural for sheaf is sheaves .

Do you sheaf or sheath a knife?

You sheath a knife. The verb, sheath , means to cover a knife blade, or the whole knife, with a sheath. The verb, sheathing , means putting the knife into a sheath ; (MORE)