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How do sheep behave?

'Baa'dly Sheep are grazing animals and ruminants so they will eat pasture then sit down and chew their cud then get up and chew some more grass and continue this routing all (MORE)

Can you milk sheep?

YES, YOU CAN. Some of the BEST cheese in the world is made from sheep's milk. France, Greece and Italy do it ALL THE TIME!
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Where does a sheep get water from?

Sheep can naturally get water from ponds, rivers, streams and moist from the grass sometimes. They get water from the grass they eat which could have either snow, dew, or just (MORE)

Why do you need sheep?

I need sheep ,because i need their droppings to keep my garden healthy. Sheep are also the main source of wool for the production of clothing. Sheep also provide meat called (MORE)

Do sheep have tails?

Yes. They are very short though. You can barely even see them with all of the sheep's wool!
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Do you have to shear sheep?

It is highly recommended that if you live in warm climates that the sheep are sheared. Farmers will usually shear their sheep in the spring or early summer, you want to make s (MORE)

Where do sheep eat?

It depends on where they are. If there on a farm or someone owns them then usually there fed a feed mix or they roam a field and eat grasses. In nature they will eat grasses a (MORE)

What is CAE in sheep?

CAE is genetically 70% similar to the lentivirus that causes Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus (OPPV) in sheep. CAE is rare in sheep, and OPP is rare in goats, though there ar (MORE)