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What is sheep?

Sheep are four legged, ruminant mammals. Globally, domestic sheep number more than one billion and are raised for their wool, meat, pelts, and milk. Their wool is a water-proo (MORE)

What are sheep?

Sheep are small ruminant farm animals, often half to a third of the size of a full grown cow and are ruminants like a cow. They are four-legged cloven hooved mammals that give (MORE)

What is the sheep?

A sheep a wollen animal that you can eat and were as clothes Sheeps hair is very soft and sheep can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes by Maisy Johnston

What can you get from a sheep?

The basic things you can get from a sheep is wool, meat, and its hide. Even though, you can also use most of its organs and bone for other purposes as well. For example, you (MORE)

Do sheep herders kill sheep?

It depends on the type of 'Sheep Herder' that you're talking about. There are certain farms that raise only meat breed sheep. Those 'Herders' would kill there sheep for meat. (MORE)

What is a sheeps?

a sheep is a farm animal which you can get wool from and meat like mutton or lamb mutton- older sheep lamb- younger sheep :)

What do you get from sheeps?

You can get poisoned and die from sheeps because they are bad and evil. but you can get some wonderous stuff like wool and mutton (sheep meat) from sheep. Go down to a little (MORE)