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What is the population of Sheffield?

Answer . 513000 as of 2001.. Since the 2001 Census, the population has increased to the current estimate for mid-2007 of 530,300.. Source:www. sheffield populati ( Full Answer )
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Where is Sheffield?

Sheffield is located in a few countries but the main sheffield is in England South Yorkshire Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough of South Yorkshire, England. Its name ( Full Answer )
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Who is Margaret Sheffield?

Margaret Sheffield was born in New Zealand. She received a Science degree from the University of Otago. After teaching in New Zealand and then in London, she joined the BBC ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ramon Sheffield?

East Tech's Class of 2012 Foward (Number 34) Who is from Cleveland and won the JV championship his freshman season along with Roosevelt Travis and Devonte Isom. He as a fres ( Full Answer )
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Does it snow in Sheffield?

yes, in fact it is snowing right now. although it typically rains a lot more than it snows.
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What does Sheffield mean?

It is a name derived from its origin on a field that runs on River Sheaf in South Yorkshire in England.
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Who are the pigs in sheffield?

Depending on who you ask, either the players and supporters of Sheffield Utd, or Sheffield Wednesday can be referred to as pigs, usually by the opposing team.
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How can people get to Sheffield?

Do you live in the UK? If so, you can get a bus, train, coach or drive there. If you live outside, you will probably need to fly to Manchester or Sheffield (Doncaster) airport ( Full Answer )
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What is sheffield silver?

In common with many other countries, all valuable metals in the UK are assayed and stamped to verify their purity. There are several regional assay offices in the UK, each one ( Full Answer )
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Where in sheffield was bombed?

mostly in the industrial areas it seems "The second major raid took place on 15th December and hit many steelworks - although none badly enough to seriously hamper producti ( Full Answer )