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How much is a Shekel?

A shekel is an ancient coin that was used both for money and as aweight for exchanges. The weight of one shekel was 180 grains ofbarley.
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Value of a shekel?

A shekel has an approximate value of 25 US cents. This valueapplies to modern shekels, which have been in use since 1986.
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What is the value of the Shekel nowadays?

A shekel was a Hebrew coin that weighed about 1/2 ounce made of silver. The price of silver varies but it is about $17 US $ /ounce today (3/2/09)
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How many shekels in a talent?

There were 2500 shekels in one talent, an amount too large to be coined. In the parable of the unjust steward recorded in Matthew's Gospel (18:23-24), the ten thousand talent ( Full Answer )
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How much is 6000 shekels of brass?

6000 brass shekels weighs about 150 pounds. Its monetary value waslow, worth about 147 pounds of wheat.
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What is shekel or lira?

Both are currencies. The Shekel is used by Israel and the Lira was currency in Israel, Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City until the 1980s and those countries' (with ( Full Answer )
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How does a denarius compare to a shekel?

From different sources I studied, a shekel is worth about 3 to 4 denarii (plural form of denarius).
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How much is 20 dollars in shekels?

72 Israeli shekels right for 21/10/11 from google But its mostly 3 or 4 shekels=1$
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Where would you find the shekel?

Israel- it is a denomination of Israeli currency. Shekels had been used as currency in ancient times, but were discontinued in around 135 AD. The New State of Israel revived t ( Full Answer )