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How much is a Shekel?

A shekel is an ancient coin that was used both for money and as aweight for exchanges. The weight of one shekel was 180 grains ofbarley.
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Why is the Israeli shekel strong?

1. Stong israeli export economy 2. Large fields of natural gas were found in Israel and foreign investors increased the flows of funds (in that process they purchase shekels (MORE)

What is shekel or lira?

Both are currencies. The Shekel is used by Israel and the Lira was currency in Israel, Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City until the 1980s and those countries' (with (MORE)

What is talents denarius shekels?

Talent is a part of a weight system and monetary system. In weight, it is 34.2 Kg or 75.5 lbs. Denarius is a Roman silver coin weighing 3.85 gm and worth approximately 74 cen (MORE)
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What can be bought in Israel for a shekel?

Maybe you can buy the crumbs of felafel off of someone's shirt fora shekel, but generally, a shekel is too small of an amount ofmoney to buy anything. It is barely worth more (MORE)

How much is 10 shekels of silver?

Shekels are no longer used as currency, but ancient coins havesurvived so we know that a shekel weighed about 15 grams. The price of silver fluctuates, but as of today (Novemb (MORE)