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What is LSA Shell?

LSA is a legitimate part of Windows and includes lsass.exe, LSA  Shell, LSASS, (Local Security Authority System Service). The Local  Security Authority or LSA is a key compo (MORE)

When to use shell or will?

"Shall" is used with a first person subject (I or we) to indicate intention. For example, "We shall go to the park" means that someone else and I intend to go to the park. "Wi (MORE)

Where do snails get their shells?

Snails obtain their shells by creating them! Through a buildup of calcium they create their own shells which then becomes their homes, often created upon birth.

What is a shell in Unix?

Unix has two main sets internal implementation and the interface that is seen and used by users. i.e. Kernal and Shell. Kernal takes care of hardware interface and shell com (MORE)
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What does a shell do for a beetle?

It has two important function first is it is protective cover for almost all vital organs of beetle and hence it form exoskeleton bside this cover is always bright colord that (MORE)

What is Shell Shock?

Shell Shock was a term used during the First World War to describe the psychological trauma suffered by men serving on the war's key battlefronts - France, Flanders, along the (MORE)
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Animals with shell?

There are many different types of Animals with a shell, clams and  mussels. Turtles, snails, crabs and of course armadillos.

What is a 'shell' in hockey?

Some players (myself included) wear a girdle for ice hockey instead of what would be considered typical ice hockey pants. The girdle is a tight set of pads that you slip on, t (MORE)