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Where do kangaroos shelter?

Kangaroos shelter under trees, in caves or under cliff overhangs. They spend most of their time grazing in the open or under trees.
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How do chimpanzee shelter?

  The Chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, are generally nomadic creatures although when staying in one place for any duration they generally build shelters in trees from availabl (MORE)
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What does shelter provide?

Shelter provides protection from external conditions which cause discomfort to, or threaten, the sheltered. Among the first things we think of when we consider the term shel (MORE)

What is an opossums shelter?

There are four species of possum found throughout the Northern Territory, however, humans will typically encounter the Northern brushtail possum, as this is more likely to tol (MORE)

How and where do horses get shelter?

In the wild horses can find shelter by going in caves, from trees  that block the wind, or they can all huddle together for  protection. They can get a very thick winter coa (MORE)

How does an elephant get shelter?

An elephant doesn't really 'get shelter' because it doesn't really have anything to shelter from. Rain is rarely a problem and elephants love water anyway. When the sun is bla (MORE)

What did the Morrison shelter do?

People who had a back garden or yard, were issued with Anderson shelters to help protect them from the effects of bombing in World War 2. People who didn't have access to an A (MORE)