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Who would win Tai Lung or Lord Shen?

Im not hating on Shen, but, I think Tai Lung would win. Cause, through out KUNG FU PANDA, Tai Lung, was a fighting machine, he beat the Furious Five, Shifu, and almost beat Po (MORE)
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What is the moral lesson in Yeh Shen?

The lesson is what goes around comes around. Due to their mean behavior toward Yeh-Shen, the stepmother and stepsister get a horrible ending, while Yeh-Shen gets a good one. T (MORE)

How can you defeat the shen gaoren MHFU?

use a dragon or a fire weapon/bullet for a gun.its better if u can use hammer. attack its for legs until it become bright red then after he goes down for a long time, then att (MORE)